We’re a B Corp!

We’re proud to announce we’ve been certified as a B Corp. In doing so, we’ve joined a growing group of companies reinventing business by pursuing purpose as well as profit.

We have been certified by B Lab, the not-for-profit behind the B Corp movement, as having met rigorous social and environmental standards representing our commitment to goals outside of shareholder profit. In becoming a B Corp, we have joined a community of 6,279 companies prioritising the highest ethical and sustainable business practice standards.

The B Corp certification addresses our business’s operations and covers five key impact areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers.

Achieving this certification has been a journey we’ve worked towards as businesses for the past 18 months. During this time, we have already seen significant benefits for all our stakeholders, which has reinforced the importance of being a socially responsible business.

The team has made lots of improvements to our social and environmental performance. Some of the things we’re most proud of are:

In Governance: we’ve incorporated social and environmental objectives into our company, team and individual objectives, with the same level of importance as our financial objectives.

For Workers: we’ve introduced profit sharing to all staff.

For the Community: we’ve partnered up with Sea Changers, a UK marine conservation charity that provides grants to marine charities and non-profits for conservation and research projects.

For Environment: the reduction targets in our new Environmental Management System helped us achieve an 8% reduction in CO2 emissions between 2021 and 2022.

For Customers: we’ve started carrying out much more in-depth customer satisfaction monitoring, including how we help them achieve their company objectives.

B Corp Certified
The B Corp community in the UK, representing a broad cross-section of industries and sizes, comprises over 1,100 companies and includes well-known brands such as The Guardian, innocent, Patagonia, The Body Shop and organic food pioneers Abel & Cole.