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Our chosen charity partner Sea-Changers

Our chosen charity partner Sea-Changers

We’re passionate about working with charities that share our corporate ambition – making a measurable difference to our planet. That’s why we’ve partnered with Sea-Changers, a UK marine conversation charity that provides grants to marine charities and non-profits for conversation and research projects.

Like us, they share our passion for our marine life and dealing with waste in a sustainable and responsible way.

Managed by a team of volunteers, Sea-Changers has awarded funding for a variety of projects that address the root causes of marine conversation threats and challenges and prevent or reduce the negative impacts on our coastal and marine environments – including underwater clean ups and marine litter collection initiatives.

As their corporate partner, we’ll provide an annual donation to the charity and our Simply Washrooms team will endeavour to raise vital funds through fundraising challenges throughout the year.

We look forward to supporting their mission to fund grassroots marine conversation projects and create communities of Sea-Changers.