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Waste not, want not

How we’re changing the way hygiene waste is dealt with at Simply Washrooms. 

It’s estimated that within a decade our landfill sites will be full. Coupled with this, businesses that send hygiene waste products to landfill are facing increasingly higher costs for doing so due to rising Landfill Tax – with the next increase coming into force in April 2018.

The statistics make for a sobering read: each year around three billion disposable nappies end up in landfill sites across the UK with sanitary waste generating more than 200,000 tonnes of waste a year.

While hygiene products are an essential part of our everyday lives, disposing of them is increasingly becoming a financial and environmental burden.

Here at Simply Washrooms we do things differently. Using resources more efficiently is fundamental to our environmental policy. An important part of this is ensuring we dispose of all our hygiene waste products in an environmentally sustainable way.

How do we do this? We divert hygiene waste products from landfill and instead, process the waste at energy from waste (EfW) plants. The renewable energy generated is used to heat and power homes and businesses across the UK. Any residual waste products from the EfW processes are used as aggregate in the construction industry.

This helps our clients achieve their sustainability goals and minimises their environmental impact while reducing the UK’s reliance on more traditional forms of fossil fuels.