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Washroom services

Commercial washrooms are demanding environments. High levels of footfall mean they must be able to withstand the rigorous demands placed on them while delivering a safe and clean environment. Our extensive range of washroom services and products ensure your washroom is always welcoming and importantly, hygienic.

Our feminine hygiene services

We provide a discreet, reliable and hygienic service whilst ensuring your hygiene waste is disposed of in a sensitive and sustainable way.

Our baby changing services

We ensure you’re equipped to meet the needs of your youngest visitors whilst creating a safe and hygienic environment.

Our hand care services

Our range of hand care services ensures your washroom users always have access to soap and/or hand sanitiser.

Our hand drying services

Our extensive range of hand dryers suit any washroom environment.

Our urinal and cubicle services

Our range of urinal and cubicle services helps you tackle bacteria and odours creating a clean and importantly, hygienic environment.

Our water management services

Our range of water management units will save you water and money without compromising on hygiene.

Our vending services

We provide you with an efficient and convenient way to ensure your washroom users never worry about forgetting those everyday essentials.

What sets us apart

Sustainable service

All the hygiene waste we collect is taken to our transfer station where it’s sorted for recycling and recovery. It’s collected and sent to local energy from waste (EfW) plants where it’s turned into renewable fuel source where it is used to power our homes, hospitals, schools and businesses. The hygiene waste we collect is never sent to landfill.

Liner service

We keep our sanitary bin in situ and clean and sanitise the bin and change the liner at every service. This way of servicing is efficient, discreet and minimises disruption.

All our feminine hygiene units come with Simply Silver antimicrobial liners as standard. Featuring silver ion technology, the liners significantly reduce bacterial growth and combat odours.

The legal bit

To ensure you, and your business, adheres to your Duty of Care obligations, all the hygiene waste we collected is handled and disposed of in the correct manner and in accordance with UK legislation.

To view our full range of products and services download our Product Brochure.