Lessons from Anthropy23

In November, Simply headed down to deepest, darkest Cornwall to attend an event called Anthropy.

‘Anthropy’ is a movement with the sole purpose of inspiring a better Britain –¬†No mean feat!

At the heart of Anthropy is a three-day event held at the Eden Project which gathers together nearly 2,000 emerging and established leaders. It’s designed to spark imagination and foster fresh thinking, bringing together leaders from diverse parts of society – business, health, media, education, public sector and charities – to build a vision for Britain which is more positive, sustainable, equitable and successful.

The event is made up of a mix of panel sessions, thought-provoking conversations, and collaborative action. And it all takes place among the inspiring surroundings of the beautiful Eden Project.

Simply’s Operations Director, Andrew Shelley, was invited to participate in a panel discussion chaired by change consultancy Daggerwing. The conversation centred around how businesses are operationalising sustainability and looked at things like how Simply is engaging with its staff around sustainability; the obstacles we’ve encountered as we embed sustainable practices into every part of the business; and why we believe it’s such an important part of who we are as a company.

So what were our take-aways from Anthropy?

  1. Stepping out of the day-to-day work environment for a few days and away from our usual networking ecosystem was refreshing and thought-provoking.
  2. It was powerful and humbling to listen to what others are saying and doing to help make a difference across all areas of society. We learnt a lot of lessons.
  3. Our B Corp certification is a great way to connect with other like-minded people and gives weight and authenticity to conversations.

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